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Dairies on this Website

In this section of the website, I am hoping to both provide collectors with information about dairies that I know about, and also to serve as a place for other collectors with knowledge about dairies to post their findings.

I am currently striving to simply post the names and location information for dairies I have researched in New Mexico. I have looked at old phonebook records to come up with much of the information about these dairies. I hope to add some comments about these dairies as I come across more information on them.

Feel Free to Contribute!

If you have some information about a dairy or two you would like me to add to this database, please feel free to contact me, as I would love to add to what already exists here.

Searching the Dairies Postings

As like the other two areas of this site, most of the data about dairies in the database are simple text strings that can be searched. Search by dairy name, dairy location, dairy state, year that operations started or ended, or even on some other parameter. The search engine will pick up any records that contain your search string in their comment field as well.

The Latest Dairy Additions

Hamilton's Dairy
Gallup, NM | Added Apr 11, 2007

Gantar's Dairy
Gallup, NM | Added Apr 11, 2007

Buena Vista Dairy
Gallup, NM | Added Apr 11, 2007

Gallup, NM | Added Mar 17, 2007

Prices Valley Gold
Gallup, NM | Added Mar 17, 2007

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