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Bottles on this Website

You will soon find that most of the bottles in this collection are from the Southwest, or come from Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico. Still, there are bottles here from all over the U.S. You can see what you can find.

At the heart of this website is the Search function that sits at the top of every page. You can use it to quickly search for and locate any record in the database. Simply type a string into the text field, select a database table, and then click "Go!"

You can search for bottles using almost any dimension as an index point. Almost every field in the database is a text field, so you can search for bottles by city names, bottle condition ("Near Mint") two-letter state abbreviations ("NM"), pyro color, dairy names, and year of issue.

I also have a classification system I use for my bottles based on their size type. You can search for bottles by size by simply searching for their category abbreviation, which are as follows. You can click on a category abbreviation below to view that category search results.

Foreign bottles in my collection are marked by a flag icon ( ).

My bottle categories:

RCR- Restaurant Creamer
GILL- Gill
SHP- Square Half Pint
RHP- Round Half Pint
RPB- Round Pint Bottle
SPB- Square Pint Bottle
TQB- Third Quart Bottle
RSQ- Round Squat Quart
RQB- Round Quart Bottle
SSQ- Square Short Quart Bottle
STQ- Square Tall Quart Bottle
CTB- Creamtop Bottle
HGAL- Half Gallon
MKC- Milk Can Cantainer
CCJ- Cottage Cheese Jar
ACCS- Other Milk Collectibles and Accessories

SALE- Sale Bottles
FRGN- Foreign Bottles

As you can see on the Search Results page, some items in the database have photos attached to them so that you can see them. Others are marked "For Sale", and have a price associated with them. I invite you to contact me about those bottles, as I am flexible about prices on many of these bottles.

The Latest Bottle Additions

Greenwell  Half-Pint (1963, Mint)
Added Jun 18, 2012

Missouri Vally  Quart (1948, Mint)
Added Apr 22, 2011

Ferguson Bros.  Half-Pint (1242, Near Mint)
Added Apr 20, 2011

Rojek's  Cottage Cheese Jar (1960, Mint)
Added Apr 20, 2011

Gillette & Sons Dairy  Quart (1955, Mint)
Added Apr 19, 2011

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